Monday, June 11, 2012

the threefold human being

I thought I'd share another one of my assignments from Steiner Teacher Training. The topic for this task was to describe in 200 words what I think Steiner means by the following quote and to also make note of my understanding of Body, Soul and Spirit. 

"The task of education, understood in a spiritual sense is to bring the Soul-Spirit into harmony with the temporal body. They must be brought into harmony and they must be tuned to one another because when the child is born into the physical world they do not properly fit each other. The task of the teacher is to harmonise these two parts to one another." R.Steiner Foundations of Human Experience p. 39

To prepare for the assignment I was asked to read Theosophy Ch I; Occult Science Ch. II and The Roots of Education Ch. I all by Rudolf Steiner.
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The Threefold Human Being

The Threefold theosophic model gives a holistic view of the human being and of the process of human incarnation. As children’s Temporal bodies are still not connected to The(ir) Spirit, their teacher must enable and assist the process of incarnation.

The Temporal body is the human’s most outer shell and consists of material actions, active forces and sense perceptions that are turned into inner life experiences such as pain and pleasure, impulse and craving. 

The Soul is the human experience of  “I” and relates the individual to the outer world. It is a being of thinking, willing and feeling. The teacher’s goal is to develop the child’s thinking, willing and feeling.  The  I  has a profound influence on the lower bodies. When the  I  is activated in the Body, the Soul reaches an awareness of the higher self or Spirit and connects with the eternal Spirit.

The task of education is to foster healthy child development by strengthening the  I  .When a child’s  I  masters the Body she can control the urges, desires and passions of the lower bodies, and will achieve a higher conscience or morally guided consciousness. She will then be able to perceive her connection with the Universal and become enlightened with Eternal truth. When the ‘Soul-Spirit’ is in harmony with the Body the grown student is then enabled to contribute to society in a moral and meaningful way.  

A very intense topic in a nutshell!


seedsandstones said...

I am enjoying what you share of your trainings. I am a mother of a young child and am part of a mothers group where we focus on our own development as Waldorf inspired parents & women. Many of us are considering getting more training in Waldorf, but for now I would like to share these excerpts from your studies to inspire us all along. Blessings on your learning & Thank you for sharing.

Catherine Lowe said...

Yes thanks Meagan!
Can you recommend any reading on the topic of incarnation?
Maybe not. Or even an easy to read Steiner theory? Is there such a beast!? haha

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