Thursday, July 12, 2012

media and waldorf education

Still enjoying our Canadian holidays.

Thought I'd share this insightful short video for those interested...

xx m.


motherwho said...

Love this, very insightful! I bought Simplicity Parenting a while ago now but haven't made the time to read it yet, this has motivated me to pull it off the shelf! Hope you're having a lovely trip x

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got any tips on how to have a balance, where TV/Computers can work as part of a rounded experience? Not a dependancy?

Anything my daughter watches is age appropriate and no advertising, I think there can be some benefits, but children so quickly get 'addicted' to it.

Do you think it's all or nothing?

Sorry for anon, don't have a sign up at the moment,

Sally x

We've had TV free periods, and

mamauk said...

My children are TV free 98 % of the time. On a weekend they might watch a family film, routine can help so they're not begging for tv at random times at home.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE read Kim John Payne's book! He has most of the answers for everyone. I attended his workshop - awesome and very down-to earth, not only about TV, media etc. - but on many other challenges of parenting. (most of mine have disappeared! :-)

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