Monday, August 20, 2012

made with love

We discovered a beautiful treasure in the backyard yesterday- a tiny nest that must blown right out of a tree. Inside were little pieces of eggshell- unfortunately it looks as though the eggs never had a chance to hatch. The nest was constructed with such beautiful precision and lucky Mama bird seemed to have happened upon some wool which she wove into it with care.

I am happy to report that after two years of felt crafting I felt confident enough to sew together a little felt sparrow right in front of the children - in other words time was of the essence. Within 15 minutes she was finished. I used the same pattern as I did when I made the springtime fingerpuppet bird and chicks, but I created a circular base and stuffed the bird with a bit of rice so that it could perch in it's nest without falling on it's side.
Although North was quite amazed with the nest and had a lot of questions (Is it an owl's? Is it a possum's?) I must admit I was the one most awestruck by this miraculous cloister of thin twigs threaded together to form a warm little cradle. 

Made with unquestioned loving intuition.

Are there any bird lovers out there who know what kind of a birds nest it is? My guess- a Noisy Miner as they love to frequent the Cammelias in our garden.


Sarah @ Gladys in the said...

That is really lovely.

tricia said...


perhaps its from something smaller than a Noisy Miner? Do you have fairy-wrens in your backyard?

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