Thursday, September 6, 2012

bush walking

Our family bushwalks are now an established part of our monthly rhythm. Sometimes the theme is a treasure hunt, others it's finding as many 'critters' big and small that we can and this time it was finding every colour in the rainbow. We found everything but blue, but there were blue feathers flying overhead and blue waters down below.

It's funny- my children can be all sorts of loud and crazy when we're at home having breakfast, but the moment they get outside surrounded by big trees, bush, flowers and beaten paths- they're calm, quiet and focused. In the great outdoors the loudest sounds they make are singing or humming little marching tunes as we follow the winding trails.

There is an energy in these tall forests that can't be found anywhere else. I feel enveloped by peace and wisdom. 

I think my children feel it too.


Rhiannon said...

This sounds just beautiful, and I absolutely love Indi's jumper, gorgeous! x

sar : said...

it looks like you live (or at least walk) just near my mum's place in sydney. Love that Sydney bush.

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