Thursday, September 13, 2012

his little treasure bag

We went on a council run bushwalk last week and on our way out the door I out an adorable felt butterfly bag around Indigo's neck to collect tiny treasures in. As soon as I put it on her I realised North needed one too for his collections and so into the felt stash I dove and like a madwoman I sewed up this little pouch in under 20 minutes. I took a shortcut- using a glue gun to stick the toadstool on the front but if you have the time it would look just divine sewn on. 
Simply fold a long rectangular strip of felt in half, sew up the sides, braid some thick yarn together and sew the strands into the top of the pouch. Add a personalised embellishment and voila! A very quick and easy treasure bag perfect for small stones, feathers, gumnuts, acorns and much more!


Caroline said...

What a gorgeous idea! Little Miss B loves collecting treasures when we're outside, I think I'll have to attempt to make one myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann Wegner LeFort said...

We have one too and call it a "nature pouch." I whipped it up as well before a family trek. We take it into the woods, to the beach, camping and beyond. A great way for kids to carry their natural treasures. Here's the one I made:

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