Monday, September 3, 2012

our springtime nature table

We (by we I mean mostly me!) were more than ready for a change of scenery on our little nature table. Finding the little bird's nest was just the inspiration we needed to start creating our Spring table.

I am guessing you might ask-

* the Little Violet Child was made from a beautiful kit created by Natalie from the Little Gnomes Home

* the bunnies, doornob toadstool, buzzing bee and sparrow were all crafted by me

* the baby sheep, needle-felted toadstool and mushroom capped forest child were bought at a local Steiner school fair

* the knitted sheep was made by Linda from Mamma4Earth

* the book in the background is called Spring by Gerda Muller

* the walnut sailboat was bought with many others as party favours for North's 4th birthday party from Eco Party Box


Natalie said...

Oh you made it up! It looks so sweet. Hope Saturday was a lovely day xx

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

Very cute! :)

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