Thursday, September 20, 2012


On Sunday evening after catching up with an old friend, Brad and I slipped into bed and fell fast asleep. At around 12:45 I heard Indi call out for a cuddle and got up to see her. The next thing I knew I was on the floor of the children's room (having fainted) instinctively popping my middle right finger back into place (it was dislocated), my face was drenched with blood and my thigh was aching immensely. Fortunately, Indi fell right back to sleep and neither of the children woke up to see the gory scene, but Brad got quite a shock when I stumbled back to the bedroom and turned on the light. Our kind neighbour sat in the house while Brad dropped me at the hospital and I spent the next 10 hours in emergency waiting to be treated, hooked up to an IV (because my blood pressure was so low) and trying to figure out what on earth had just happened!

Brad stayed home the rest of Monday and the past two days have been quiet ones.

Out of this experience a very calm and quiet gratitude began to well inside of me. A part of that initial peace might have been shock, but surrounded by those who are sick and injured and others who are doing their best to serve and heal was really quite a beautiful and inspirational experience and I began very quickly to see just how superficial my wounds were and how blessed with health our little family has been.

I have been really consciously focusing on the word 'breathe' this year which has morphed more into focusing on being calm, balanced, present and mindful. We've cut out weekly activities and replaced them with weekly bushwalks; we aim for one playdate a week instead of two or three; I shop from home or when I am on my own instead of with the children; I've even taken more time for myself, hiring a beautiful babysitter a few hours a week.

Even still, I wonder if this accident was the universe trying to tell me something... is there a lesson I haven't quite been grasping? Or was it just an accident plain and simple?

I'd love to hear your thoughts... you know me enough now to take a guess or two! And of course I am going to look into my low blood pressure further and have a few tests done- I've had it for years and this is not the first time I've fainted.

{making felted rocks- thanks to this tutorial- final photo courtesy of Twig and Toadstool- ours aren't finished yet}

Blessings on you all.

Go gently.


georgi said...

be careful m. I know this all to well, suffering from low blood pressure and fainting episodes too. getting up from bed is the absolute worst - so many times I have woken up on the floor of my bedroom confused. for me, it is a sign that I need some more magnesium and iron in my diet although they will most likely also check your heart out to check that's not the reason behind low blood pressure. as you say you've had it for ages I doubt that's the case.

best advice? get up slowly, especially after sleeping. like real slowly. when you can.. blood pressure can drop suddenly from standing up quickly, and when it's already low ... there's a hospital test for that too, on a tilt table. my doctors also told me to eat black licorice, it's got aldosterone in it which is a chemical that naturally raises your blood pressure.

take care of yourself! it can be scary for your children seeing you faint so maybe explain it to them? My earliest memory is of my mum fainting in a supermarket when I was around 2.5.

ps. also (you probably do) i find I always carry food on me. something sweet with high energy content, and water. makes it better for those times where you feel dizzy/funny before you actually faint. I once fainted on my way home from uni and got found by a (lovely) stranger, it was a really awkward/scary experience all round.

sorry for writing an essay, i just know (quite well) what you're going through. take care xx

Meagan said...

Wow Georgi! Here I was wondering if I was too forward in asking advice from readers and I am so so so thankful I did! What amazing advice!

Sigh! Black licorice, eh? Not one of my favourites. LOL. I'll give it a go though : ). I am going to have my adrenals, thyroid and iron levels checked out tomorrow. We'll see what the results are...

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and share! xx m.

LashyLashla said...

i have no advice to offer but wanted to say to stay well and take care of yourself x

Anonymous said...

I too have no advice but just to say take things slowly. I have heard that eating almonds before bed is a very nourishing, as it sustains you through the night and provides calcium, which is relaxing. Also, maybe if they are salted, that may help keep the blood pressure stable? I am sorry that you are going through this, but you seem to be handling it very well.

bug said...

I like G's advice of talking to the kids about it....I heard of a kindergarten teacher once who was fainting while she was pregnant. She taught the students what to do if Mrs. T "Suddenly falls asleep." One kid (and a backup) were to run to the office for help, and the rest were instructed to sit quietly in their spots on the rug. There were drills and practices for all of this.

Well, at one point she did faint, and she konked her head on the chalk rail as she fell. The runner kids went for help, and when the medics came in, the whole class was sitting quietly around the teacher, waiting patiently. Everyone knew what to do. (And the teacher was fine.)

I don't know what the home equivalent is to this, but I thought it was a good story about how, when charged with a serious responsibility, even children rise to the occasion with grace.

bug said...

or maybe, "Especially" children will rise to the occasion.

evie dear said...

oh I hope you'll be able to rest & get better soon, that must have been so scary!!

sar : said...

oh gosh, scary. i too am a serial fainter from way back. I've fainted on public transport, at the teacher's desk in front of the entire class, and most impressively, during a big concert at the opera house (i was performing, not spectating!). It's especially bad when i am pregnant.

My only advice is as the others said, to keep snacks and water with you and know the signs. But that is no help in the middle of the night.

Good luck with your test results and yes, go ever more slowly about your days.

Also I agree with the suggestion to get North used to the idea that if it happens at home he can maybe call Dad or go to the neighbour or something...?


Ola said...

Oh wow, what a story. I have never fainted, but I have had issues with my blood sugar. I have almost fainted a couple of times; adjusting my eating habits has resolved it years ago, but I do agree with you that the universe is trying to tell you something. I don't believe in accidents, everything is for a reason. For me, it was one of the symptoms of me not taking care of myself and it has taken me on my own journey of self discovery and the knowing that I need to put myself first if I want anyone else around me to flourish.

I spent a couple of years really doing a whole bunch of nothing. Letting go of the guilt that I felt because I wasn't taking my children to every activity and play date and that I wasn't playing with them all the time.

It created space for me to manifest a beautiful life for me and my family and the universe has now presented me with an amazing opportunity to make my life even better. If I had not taken the time to do nothing and just allow the space to fill up, I would not be where I am now, allowing abundance and joy to flow into my life.

I am not sure what your reason is, but it looks like you are doing all the right things by taking it slowly. I wish you so much love, peace and good health, beautiful one. xxx

Rhiannon said...

This sounds all a bit scary Meagan! I don't have much asvice, but i like the idea above of talking to the kids about it for the just in case times.
Glad to hear you are getting some tests done. Take care of yourself xxx

Mara Brown said...

Hi Meagan, don't have any advice either. Just wanted say Take care. Xx

Bee said...

Hi Meagan
I also have very low blood pressure. When you say you dislocated your finger, does that happen often or was it just a one off. It's just that I have what is called hypermobility syndrome which causes me to dislocate my wrists alot also my hamstrings are very flexible, alot of dances have it, which makes it easier for them to do certain moves. Anyway it also causes low blood pressue as it effects the valves that pumps the blood around and makes them weaker. I have read a great book called living with HMS, by Isobel knight. Of course this is probaly nothing to do with you, it,s just I was really pleased to find out the reason for my low blood pressure. Hope you feel well soon.

lilou said...

oh my God the exact same happened to me last year. i woke up in the middle of the night because Theodore was crying but i never reached him and fainted on the floor of our bedroom. My husband woke up because of the cries of my son and found me there. While fainting I banged my head on the wall I guess so I had a terrible pain in my head and started vomiting. We called a doctor who was more concerned about my fainting than my cranial trauma. Anyway, my blood pressure was very very low as well and after further blood exams it happened that I was tired, lacking iron a lot with a natural low pressure. The doctor told me to drink coffee and put salt in my food which i was never really doing to help my blood pressure... At the time I was woken up by my 2 years old every night once or twice since his birth and was still breastfeeding him...I guess i was exhausted indeed.

I guess it's the same for you and you are dead right to take it more easy now on.
Bon courage et a bientot

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