Thursday, September 6, 2012

yarn along


I am joining Ginny at Small Things (don't you just love her blog?) in her Yarn Along this week. Inspired after I finished a very simple garter stitch doll blanket, I decided to give knitting another go. I gave up for a while because I wanted to wait until I had time for a real teacher (as opposed to youtube). 

I have been working on a free pattern by Noro Yarns called "Moss Stitch Sweater", which is funny because after I had done far too many rows to pick it all out I realised I had been doing K1, P1 on top of one another instead of a K1, P1 sequence and then a P1,K1 sequence on top of that. As a result I think I have created some sort of a ribbing pattern instead of moss stitch pattern. Sigh! 

I still think it looks good though and I have finished the back and am now working on the front. I am really enjoying the space that knitting is giving me to slow down and be present. Instead of rushing around the house doing chore after chore I am happy to sit with the children for intervals and just be in the moment with them while they play. If only I could figure out how to pick up a stitch after I've dropped it... back to youtube!

What are you knitting? If you have any beginners patterns especially for babies (for a new niece!) I would love to hear about them.


arwen_tiw said...

Puerperium is my FAVOURITE newborn cardigan, it's just about perfect and very simple. :) It's a free pdf download.

I used to have major issues with moss stitch, I still don't much like anything that involves k1p1!

momto5 said...

well even though the sweater isn't moss stitch it looks great.
i love that yarn, it looks great!

Mackenzie said...

Such a beautiful bit of knitting! I've done that before, with moss st becoming ribbing...but yours is still beautifl! I'm happy to have found your blog through the link up, I'm sharing leg warmers this week. Happy knitting!

Mooberry Farmwife said...

Lovely! I recently attempted a moss stitch scarf, but it didn't turn out - frogged, in fact. :) But, there is joy in the learning. Happy knitting to you!

Chicane Champagne said...

This is my fave hat to make for babies and kids.

Its simple and quick and works great in wool and cotton. I must have made over 20 of them since I did the first one about 2 years ago. Everyone loves them!

Rochelle's Lenz said...

Love your knitting! I have not really knitted for a long while, but inspired by family I have picked up the sticks again and knitted my three year old daughter a spring beanie of which she is proud to wear. I am proud too, as I ditched a pattern and went with general ideas from observation. It is a basic garter stitch beanie with stripes. I have not visited you for months and finally with a moment spare I am grateful I stopped by for more inspiration x

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