Wednesday, October 10, 2012

butterfly and flower sun catchers

We started our Spring craftwork last week with butterfly and flower shaped sun catchers. Inspired by all the transparencies on Pinterest I designed our own and painstakingly carved two identical stencils out of white cardboard with an extremely dull razor blade... which reminds me to put 'exacto knife' on my craft purchase list.

I then ripped coloured pieces of tissue paper up into rectangular shapes and put little pieces of tape all along the children's craft table. When they woke up from their nap they were thrilled to find a rainbow of colours waiting for them. They simply placed the tissue paper onto the back of one of the stencils and taped it on (with a bit of Mama's help).  Then I trimmed the edges and taped the second stencil onto the back to match.

They look stunning on the windows- especially as the sun begins to set.

As with most crafts this took about an hour of Mama preparation (I had to cut out two sets of stencils for each child) and came down to about 25 minutes worth of kid fun.
Weeks worth of enjoyment though!


monkeemoomoo said...

These look beautiful. Craft is the thing my son loves to do the most, our craft cupboard is due to be restocked, but I think that we have what we need to make these this afternoon.

Thanks for sharing:)

Sarah said...

inspiring art as always ... enjoy your spring days x

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