Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cauliflower crust pizza

When I saw this recipe on pinterest I just knew I had to try it. Not because we're particularly set on living grain-free (we love Spelt around here), but because through late Winter and early Spring our weekly-delivered seasonal produce box always comes with at least a 1/2 a head of cauliflower... and we're not big on creamy soups in this family.

Gluten/Grain free.

Thin crusty crust, not crumbly.

Simple, Delicious, Wholesome.


Find the entire recipe here. It's not much more labour intensive than making your own dough from scratch. The pizza has a bit more of an earthly taste but North and Indigo didn't even know the difference!


Erin said...

Meagan - Oh My!!

Firstly I stumbled on your blog recently and have to say I find it so inspiring!

This Pizza was such a massive hit in our house, i have since handed it over so many times this week and all with great success.

Thankyou again for your gorgeous blog.


Anonymous said...

hi meagan,
how do you cook the cauli rice? the recipe link says microwave, which is obviously out... do you use a thermomix? heat in oven? thanks,, I am really keen to try this recipe!
M x

Meagan said...

Anon- Yes, I steamed the cauliflower in my thermomix and then grated/finely chopped it in there as well. Then I drained it in a muslin cloth. It was pretty straight forward. I wasn’t too particular about amounts of liquid to steam with etc. I just made sure I squeezed as much as I could out before putting it in the lined baking tray. xo m.

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