Monday, October 22, 2012


Home and resting after a very exciting and animal-filled weekend away.
We came home with four dozen eggs! 

Anyone have any recipe suggestions other than quiche?


Catherine said...

It looks like you and your little ones had a great time, your little girl is growing up so much and those eyes so stunning and blue. Four dozen eggs is a whole lot of eggs to get through, even more than I have at the moment:) Tomorrow night we are having a vegetarian fried rice which I often add at least four eggs too just beat them and fry them and cut them up and add to the rice with veggies, it's not much but it's a few eggs. You could have scrambled eggs or a torilla. :) xx

Nicole said...

Mayo with the yolks, pav with the whites!

freckles said...

I've been dying for french toast the past few days, i must send my husband to the shops to get some eggs as i've been virtually housebound with my newborn daughter! That little farm looks lovely, i can't wait for my bub to be old enough to go on outings like that.

woolies said...

My mom used to make us baked egg custard. Eggs, milk, vanilla, little bit sugar. slow cook in water bath in oven. In fact, now that I've said that, I just might have to make some.
The farm looks like so much fun!

thelittlegnomeshome said...

Icecream and custard - YUM. x

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