Monday, October 1, 2012

waldorf inspired rhythm for a 4 and 2 year old

It's been about 6 months since I last posted about our rhythm and of course, it has already changed and been tweaked a bit. North rarely naps now. Instead, he has a 'rest' either in my bed or on the couch for a minimum of 45 minutes before he is allowed to draw or read books quietly. I have also simplified a lot of the activities we are trying to do in order to make the rhythm stronger and the activities more meaningful. Our seasonal craft can consist of making salt dough ornaments or cookies, cutting and/or pasting, drawing, making bird feeders or wreaths or many other creative pursuits that are inspired by the season and nature around us. Again, Sparkle Stories are an essential part of our rhythm. After school North is usually too tired to play anymore and can be overwhelmed with fatigue. Sparkle Stories allow him to have the rest he needs before having an early dinner and bedtime. (He loves 'At Home with Martin and Sylvia' and 'Junkyard Tales' if you're interested).

I also have a rhythm written up for Saturday and Sunday but it wouldn't fit on the page! On Saturday we have our 'family day' and 'gardening' and on Sunday we have 'Church' (yes, we're trying to go a couple times a month.. perhaps more on that later) and 'Rest'.

I also have a watercolour card for each day of the week up on the fridge with an image that represents each day in order. For example, there is a picture of bread and cookies on the baking day card and a picture of us at swimming lessons on the swimming day card. This way North can see what the current day is and what is happening the next. 

I also have a similar rhythm to below written up for me including times for reading, studying, planning, dinner prepping, emailing, blogging etc.

Are you interested in having a peek at either of those as well?



warm breakfast
clean-up, get dressed
morning song and indoor play
hang laundry
bushwalk or park
North Pre-school
North Pre-school
Indi Playgroup 

errands, shops
home play 

rest: drawing, reading -- Indi sleep
wet on wet painting
seasonal craft
backyard play
pick North up
pick North up

eliza- backyard 
backyard play
sparkle story
sparkle story

bath and brush teeth, cut nails, brush hair, pjs
storybook- 2 each
 bed and blessing

Make sure you check out the following backposts if you're interested

Of course every family is totally unique and your rhythm should reflect this, but I know looking at how other people create their daily rhythm has always been inspirational to me. Is rhythm important to you? How do you shape your days?


Rhiannon said...

I have always loved reading your rhythms Meagan, it is nice to put into perspective just how you and your little ones go about your day (without me sounding like a stalker!)
I'd love to see how you fit in the things for yourself too.
By the way, how are you feeling?
Rhi x

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your rhythm for yourself too, I am in the process of making one for myself

little wild moose said...

I love this, thank you for sharing. I would love to see your personal rhythm too - this is what I struggle with the most. The common question is always, When do I fit in cleaning?!

little wild moose said...

Oh and I'm interested to know, during indoor play and outside play, are you playing with them also, or in the same room, or in another room doing jobs? Do you eat dinner as a family, or do your children eat earlier?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know about your personal routine too. As a stay at home mum I struggle sometimes with my own. Love your kids routine! Very structured, I need to implement something here too. I've never tried bush walking with the kids for fear of them wingeing that they are 'too tired'! But I might now! Would live to hear about your church :) Cassie

Liz said...

I would also love to see your personal rhythm. I am learning so much from your site, thankyou.

Meagan said...

@Rhi, I am well thank you! Still haven't been to doctor to get tests done. Naughty! But I will!

@littlewildmoose, I hear you. I have cheated for almost a year now and have cleaners come in once a week. I have shown them how to use all of my own green cleaning products. We're lucky we can fit this lucury into the budget. For me it was top of the budget priorities because a)I'm a clean freak and b) I'd rather not be focused on cleaning during the day but instead spend my energy, time and patience on the children. I still do A LOT of cleaning (clean freak yes!) but now I find I can let go if the floors are a mess because I know it will be done a set time each week.

Indoor play and outdoor play is always them playing independently. Of course I might have to guide them here or there if things get too rough of rowdy but generally I give them the freedom to do what they want as long as it's within the realm of our family values (respect, kindness etc.) As a general rule I try to stay out of their play (unless North wants me to try a delicious muffin he;s just made out of sand etc.) as our adult perspective is quite stunting and often boxes in their infinite creativity.

I try to be in the same room (otherwise I'm in the kitchen!) doing something meaningful and with purpose (mending, sewing, knitting etc.). The computer or reading will never work as they can sense you're not there at all and will do there best to deter you!

I eat with the children at 5:15 every day, my husband is home for dinner maybe 3-4 days/week. I know it's early but it creates a good healthy appetite in the morning and I feel it's important to share our dinners as they learn all about table manners, gratitude for meal, reverence etc. through my example.

I will post about my personal rhythm soon as you're all so keen!

xo m.

motherwho said...

Hi Meagan, I have always read your weekly rhythms with interest. Would love to see yours too. Even more interest now that I am almost 40 weeks pregnant and about to have another little member join our family to make two kiddies. I have no idea how I am going to find balance between being present with my children as well as getting things done around the house, cooking, etc. I find the first thing to go down the gurgler with my own routine is meal planning/prep and when I'm throwing meals together at the last minute it really sets me off on a disorganised spin. Trying not to worry too much but also keen for ideas as to how to make it all work - of which you seem to do a fantastic job!!

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