Thursday, November 1, 2012

happy halloween!

To be honest, it always feels a little forced and a little awkward to celebrate Halloween on this side of the world- it is such a seasonal holiday. 
But Halloween night holds some of my dearest and fondest childhood memories - the tricks, the treats, exploring our neighbourhood, parading in our costumes... and the loot!
Minus their top 'three favourite candies' the rest was taken by the candy mice last night in exchange for a little gift. 
And I'm pretty sure Halloween night, no matter which hemisphere we continue to celebrate it in, will also be one of their childhood favourites!
Happy Halloween! Wherever you may be!


Rhiannon said...

Gosh look how big they are now, especially Indi! They look like beautiful little friends. I hope you had a better experience than you encountered last year.
Happy Halloween to you and the kiddies,
Rhi xx

G said...

wow, they look so grown up! Amazing how big they've gotten :-) happy halloween! x

sarah said...

3rd picture down is just so lovely ... so much joy! x

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