Monday, December 3, 2012

good tidings!

We went on our third annual Christmas tree adventure this weekend. A bit earlier than usual, but we really couldn't resist any longer. Christmas is North’s absolute favourite day of the year. I know all children love Christmas but I can almost guarantee everyday since December 25th, 2011 North has either played Christmas, talked about Christmas, longed for Christmas or sung Christmas carols. It could very well be in his name- a calling to the crystal white North Pole and all the magic it promises. And so, after weeks of counting down, December 1st we celebrated our first day of advent by driving out to the Christmas tree farm and bringing ours home to decorate. 

It was a truly the Australian version of Christmas tree searching-  almost 40˚C that day!
And only in this country would you find the likes of a ladybug on your tree!

Wishing you all a festive start to the holiday season. I hope your crafting, planning, baking and creating are bringing you great joy and not too much fuss. 


Catherine said...

It's so lovely to see you back here Meagan:) How sweet that North adores Christmas so much. It looks like he enjoyed his tree choosing adventure very much. I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas season with your little ones too. xx

Meagan said...

Thank Catherine!

you too! xx m.

Accidental Lentil... said...

If my name was North I would totally dig anything to do with the North Pole too! Love the tree - we don't have one this year as we'll be away.

Anonymous said...

Where do you go to get a live tree ? Now we're back in Syd I'd love to get one next year- my kids would love the adventure! And just think, next year you'll have one more little Christmas fairy- congrats!!! Lauren

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