Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry merry!

Merry Christmas to everyone near and far and thank you for continuing to be a part of this unpredictable space this year.

I had planned a few more blog posts before leaving for a family holiday, but last week I think we all carried heavy hearts and contemplative minds. We're enjoying two more peaceful days with Brad before the children and I fly overseas to visit my family for a few weeks and leave him behind. Our annual trip to Canada won't be happening this year as we will have a newborn baby to cuddle and nurture.

Merry, Merry Christmas! Wishing you and yours peace, love and joy. I'll be in this space a little bit through January and then hope to back at it when school holidays finish the beginning of February.

xo m.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 Is A Magic Number

I came across this song through Elizabeth Mitchell- her version is beautiful and a favourite in our family.

As 'Anonymous' quite bluntly guessed- we are expecting another little member to the family in early Winter (Australian) next year.

My silence over the past month was a result of morning sickness (all day sickness really) and fatigue that was nothing like my previous pregnancies. I was lying in a prone position absolutely green in the face and inconsolable for a few weeks there feeling very down and sorry for myself. Thank you to my family and friends who were so supportive during that time.

Thank the heavens I am well past the twelve week mark and am now beginning to feel my normal self return and my energy levels rise.

We feel very blessed and look forward to welcoming the newest addition to our family in the new year. I'm grateful I have several more months to get used to the idea of 3 little ones pitter pattering around our home!

Thank you all for being patient and for your continued support, love and kind words.

xo m.

Friday, December 7, 2012

cinnamon and gold dust playdough

Tis the season to do all things festive. Even our playdough gets a bit of a makeover in December. This year we spruced it up by adding a package of cinnamon to the plain homemade dough and a few tablespoons of gold glitter.
I set up the beginnings of a ‘bakery’ while both of my children had an afternoon nap (at the same time! nothing short of a miracle!) and when they woke up they were greeted with the sweet scent of cinnamon. They got straight to work creating birthday cakes, money cakes, gingerbread people and all sorts of creations. At one point Indigo asked me if I’d like a bowl of spaghetti soup. Why, not? It is the Christmas season after all.


2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
4 tbs cream of tartar
1 packet (I'm guessing approx 6 tbs) cinnamon
2 cups boiling water (Straight from boiling kettle)
gold glitter
2 tbs oil

Mix dry ingredients together (except glitter)
Add water and cook in small pot on low heat over stove, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes thick and doughy
Remove from heat and add oil and glitter and knead until smooth

This would also be another wonderful, inexpensive and eco-friendly gift for friends and playmates or you could poke holes in the cookie shapes and bake the dough in the oven to make beautiful cinnamon coloured and scented ornaments. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

quick, easy recycled christmas present every child will love...

I've shared this miracle trick on the blog once before, but this year I decided to take it a step further and buy moulds that were a bit smaller and rounder for the littlest of little hands to grasp. (I was so excited to get these moulds in fact, that I cut the bag open with scissors only to discover I cut two of the moulds right through - as in photo- sigh!)

Make your own rainbow crayons in a matter of minutes- simply take old broken crayons and place pieces in a silicone mould; melt in the oven on low (160˚C) for 10-15 minutes, remove and let cool until hard again.
To be terribly honest I am not a huge fan of Crayola crayons as they are very weak in colour, they break easily and once they've been worn down the children find it hard to peel the papers off of them (sorry, Mum!), however they're perfect for this project (thanks, Mum!). And who wants to waste their beautiful Stockmar crayons in the oven?

I packed a few little drawstring bags up with a handful of new stone-sized crayons each and plan on gifting them to friends and playmates through the holidays.
Do you have gifting making plans this season?

Monday, December 3, 2012

good tidings!

We went on our third annual Christmas tree adventure this weekend. A bit earlier than usual, but we really couldn't resist any longer. Christmas is North’s absolute favourite day of the year. I know all children love Christmas but I can almost guarantee everyday since December 25th, 2011 North has either played Christmas, talked about Christmas, longed for Christmas or sung Christmas carols. It could very well be in his name- a calling to the crystal white North Pole and all the magic it promises. And so, after weeks of counting down, December 1st we celebrated our first day of advent by driving out to the Christmas tree farm and bringing ours home to decorate. 

It was a truly the Australian version of Christmas tree searching-  almost 40˚C that day!
And only in this country would you find the likes of a ladybug on your tree!

Wishing you all a festive start to the holiday season. I hope your crafting, planning, baking and creating are bringing you great joy and not too much fuss.