Thursday, January 10, 2013

a portrait a week 1/52

Inspired by Jodi, I have made the resolution to take a portrait of my children each week throughout the year.

Visit her at Che and Fidel for more details and perhaps you'll be inspired too.

North- Counting sand dollars, treasuring each one.
Indigo- "No!", with smiling eyes.


Catherine said...

I do love that photo of Indigo Meagan, it's so very cute:) I hope you are keeping well. xx

Rhiannon said...

Oh she is a cutie!
I did the portrait project for the last half of 2012, and am again this year too, really enjoyed it :) xxx
Oh, and you will get to add another photo into yours sometime this year!

Amber said...

hehehe very cute pictures, they say so much.

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Lovely! What a tremendous collection of sand dollars and such gentle hands to sort them! And you Indigo is divine :) x

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