Wednesday, January 23, 2013

these summer days

What an incredible few weeks we've had. Indi, North and I flew halfway across the world and back to visit my parents on the beaches of America; while we were gone Brad moved house for us (!!); and having just returned, we're only just emerging from the thick of unpacking to help our new house become our 'home'.

In just one week North will be starting three days a week in 'Little Kindy' and we'll be rushed through the flow of the school year. But for now, we're enjoying lazy mornings, slow days together in the backyard creating, afternoon icy poles and a few topless quiet moments here and there (well, at least the kids are... I'm happy just to have bare feet).

Are you enjoying these summer days? Are you looking forward to getting back into the swing of things or relishing every last moment?


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wonderful ways to bask in the last few 'free days' of summer before all the routine starts again! loving the look of that reading nook...might just curl up there myself xx

Saminda said...

I am definitely relishing every last moment of these summer holidays. :)
Love your pictures, as always! Glad to hear you're back safe and settling in to your new home.

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