Monday, January 20, 2014

bi-carb 'clay' creations

Ever since North saw an open-air sculpture exhibit at a local park a few months ago he's loved the idea of sculpting. He even asked Santa for a clay modelling kit for Christmas. So, what do you get when you combine clay with his other current fascination- rocks and crystals?  Fossils!

We rolled out the dough and then carefully pushed different shells, crystals and rocks into the smooth discs to create imprints. 

He especially admired the spirals and fan patterns created by his shell collection. Such a gorgeous (and tactile) way to play and create with natural materials.  

Indigo on the other hand made some cookie cutter ornaments and enjoys the challenge of using the cookie cutters to make perfect little shapes. But her current passion at the moment is painting. Everyday she begs me to get the paints out and although I sigh at the thought of the effort (setting it all up, damage control and then cleaning everything including faces, hands, feet and clothes) I'm always glad when I say yes. She brings such peace and respect to her work and very patiently involves herself in the process of creation. 

Bi-carb clay is made with three ingredients- corn flour, bi-carb and water. It creates a beautiful snowy white clay that dries and bakes much nicer than traditional salt dough does. My recipe will be posted in the next week or so on Kidspot but in the meantime I am sure you are all resourceful enough to find you own!


ziezo said...

Looks great!

I am looking forward to that recipe. We have been trying several and they never seem to work for us. . .

Zena said...

Homemade fossils; what a brilliant idea. Also, look forward to recipe. I hope it is quicker than salt dough! I let my son pull out the paints almost every second day for years before he started school. The clean up is a pain but I continually get told how creative he is so it was def worth it in the end.

Kate - An Everyday Story said...

I've never made bi-carb clay before but I like the bright white colour. It looks beautiful.

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