Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the everyday

Sometimes I find myself highly caffeinated and hypnotically preoccupied with all sorts of (mostly) mundane things: 

what healthy, wholesome dinner I can cook with ease; 
what on earth keeps causing Indigo’s eczema to break out; 
whether Juniper has eaten enough; 
whether I have enough milk supply; 
whether North is challenged enough; 
why Indigo is so easily enraged at the moment; 
what Juniper has in her mouth; 
whether the laundry is on the line;
whether the laundry is off the line;
whether I’m too strict;
whether I’m not strict enough; 
whether my children are overscheduled 
...or underscheduled; 
whether my kitchen and bathroom and sheets and floors are clean enough; 
how I’ll get the stain out of a shirt; 
what healthy, wholesome lunch I can pack for him tomorrow; 
when I’ll fold the laundry; 
whether I’ll have time to unload the dishwasher;
when I’ll return the library books....  

I mean I could go on... and on...

But other times a moment arrives when I let go.

I drop everything and I am no where but here

Present. Calm. Loving. Dare I say- fun! Sometimes we read a book together, or paint all of our worries away. Sometimes we hop in the bath, all four of us and splash and blow bubbles. Sometimes we speak gibberish and laugh until our cheeks hurt. 

Sometimes we head to the beach with nothing more than a few plums and a towel to share. We kick our shoes off and feel the sand between our toes and the cool water lapping against our ankles.

And all of these thoughts big and small are tucked away for another time, another place, another day. 

And I am reminded of just how truly lucky we are. The fact that the majority of my day is spent worrying about having a clean home and happy, nourished kids is nothing short of a blessing

And it is in these moments of presence that I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the everyday. 


Lou said...

Such true sentiments, I too find it all too easy to let the days slip away sometimes bound up in minor worries. It is all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you are immersed in motherhood. It is great to have a reminder to be present and have fun = ) Cheers xx

Lori said...

Exactly right on! When I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious I try to remember to be grateful that I HAVE clothes to wash, a home to keep clean, a child to feed. You worded this in a lovely way. And I love the picture you painted of the beach scene. Thank you for the reminder to practice gratitude. Why do I forget sometimes? It's what keeps me sane.

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